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Schedule for 2020 (Sept.8th-Dec.18th)


4:15-5:10 Hip Hop/TAP (Grades K-3)-Sevon 

5:15-6:10 Beg./Int. Hip Hop (Grades 4-5)-Sevon

6:15-7:10 Int. Hip Hop (Grades 6-7)-Sevon

7:15-8:10 Int./Adv. Tap (Grades 6 and UP)-Lauren

8:15-9:10 Beg./Int. Jazz  (ADULT)- Lauren


4:15-5:10 Hip Hop (Grades 2-4)-Sevon

5:15-6:10 Int. Jazz /Funk (Grades 5-6)-Sevon

6:15-7:10 Adv. Hip Hop (Grades 7-9)-Sevon

7:15-8:10 Adv. Jazz/Funk (Grades 8-9)-Lauren

8:15-9:10 Adv. Jazz/Funk (Grades 10-12)-Lauren 


4:15-5:00 Pre Ballet/Jazz (Ages 3 and 4)-

5:15-6:10 Beg. Ballet/Jazz (Grades K-3) -

6:15-7:10 Beg./Int. Lyrical/Contemporary (Grades 6 -10)-

7:15-8:10  Ballet (Grades 6-9 and/or 1-2 yrs. experience)-

8:15-9:10  Ballet (Grades 10-12 and/or more than 2 yrs. experience)-


4:15-5:10  Int. Lyrical/Contemporary  (Grades 5-7)-Kelsey

5:15-6:10  Adv. Lyrical/Contemp. I  (Grades 8-9)-Kelsey

6:15-7:10   Adv. Hip Hop I (Grades 8-9)-Kelsey

7:15-8:10  Adv. Lyrical/Contemporary II (Grades 10-12) -Kelsey

8:15-9:10 Adv. Hip Hop II (Grades 10 -12)-Kelsey


4:15-5:10 Beg. Tap (Grades 4 and UP)-Lauren


3:00-5:00 Company Rehearsal (Time adjusts as needed)***

Scroll Down for more Important Information- Pricing 

Fall 2020 Pricing

Monthly payment due on the first week of the month. (check or credit)

Live and Zoom pricing: (Equal pricing)

1 class/wk =$80/month

2 classes/wk = $160/month

3 classes/wk = $240/month

4 classes/wk = $320/month

5 classes/wk = $400/month

6 classes/wk = $480/month

Cash, Check, or Credit

*Pro-rating is available.

*NO Refunds on Tuition.